Water Filter Drinking Straw
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Water Filter Drinking Straw 

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  • H2o survival water filter travel pocket straw-The Perfect Travel or Hiking/Camping/Emergency Water Purifier Straw.
  • Don't get sick! Protect your family Vacation. Go with the Official H2O Water Filter Travel Straw and Avoid Cheap $10 Imitations! Travel to Mexico, India and other foreign counties with confidence and drink the local water safely!
  • Really effective. Filters out 99.9999% bacteria, algae, spores, protozoa, cysts, viruses & heavy metals etc. See our certified test chart.
  • Really pocket sized. Only 6.5 inches long and .5″ wide. Slightly longer than a pen. NOT like many others that are over 8″ long! That's not pocket size! This is one of the smallest and most convenient water filter straws on the market! Also comes with a free clear carrying case with 2 end caps, to store your travel straw in between uses. Conveniently & discretely fits easily in your Backpack, Front/ Back pocket, Shirt Pocket Purse or Luggage.
  • Huge water filter capacity. Filters over 70L or 18 gallons. That's over 148 16 oz. red solo cups.
  • Suffering from bad water or montezuma's revenge is no joke! It could be the difference between a great trip or a disastrous memory.

We also stock extra emergency food bars. 3600 bar is good for one person for 3 days. Why not order some additional food bars today?

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Water Filter Drinking Straw

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