Full Time Servants

Are you in the FULL TIME SERVICE?

If so, you can save on your Service Supplies right here at Williams Pioneer Innovations.

We ourselves our regular pioneers, and know that for those who choose to be in the full time service, every penny counts. That is why we have special discounts for those in the FULL TIME SERVICE.


  • If a FULL TIME SERVANT is ordering and paying for items to give as a GIFT to others, that is fine.
  • Example: A FULL TIME SERVANT orders a book bag for him/herself and also includes some no blood keychains and stylus pens to give as gifts to others. This is fine. The pioneer may use the discount for the entire order.
  • Please, do not take the discount for brothers and sisters not in the full time service.
  • Example: Serveral brothers and sisters that are not in the FULL TIME SERVICE combine an order with one who is a FULL TIME SERVANT and take the discount. This is not ok.
  • Bible principal: Hebrews 5:14... "But solid food belongs to mature people, to those who through use have their powers of discernment trained to distinguish both right and wrong."


Please note again. Discounts are for only for those who are:

  • TRAVELING OVERSEERS and their wives


Discount Codes below MUST be used at checkout to receive the Full Time Servant Discount.

pioneer5   (5% off orders of $50.00 or more, shipping excluded)

pioneer10 (10% off orders of $100.00 or more, shipping excluded)

  • If you are an auxilary pioneer, we commend you for the hard work and love that you show for Jehovah's name, but please, do not take or use discount codes.

Thank you for your co-operation in this.


WPI ServiceSupplies


1 - 30 of 30 items
1 - 30 of 30 items

Don't forget to let your fellow Full Time Servants know about our special discounts!