Aqua Water Purifier Tablets
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50 Water Purifier Tablets

Water Purifier Tablets provide all the benefits of our popular Water Treatment Drops in an easy to use solid format.

  • Each 2 tablets purifies one quart (32oz.) of water.
  • To use, simply drop 2 tablets into one quart of water and wait the required time.  Aprrox. 35 minuites!
  • Great for weekend hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing trips.
  • The 50 pack is a perfect add on to our emergency kits.
  • Water Purifier Tablets will not discolor water and will actually improve the taste of treated water.
  • Product Details: – Iodine based (no chlorine) – 2 tablets per 1 quart of water – Ready to use in 30 minutes – Makes 25 quarts.


  • Item #: 73330
  • Manufacturer: MD

50 Water Purifier Tablets

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